The 2023 MINI Cooper SE stays true to what owners love about MINI while providing the broader benefits of full electrification. The MINI Cooper SE delivers MINI’s signature electrified go-kart feeling and driving fun while helping to minimize its environmental footprint. So to launch it, we created a special campaign.

The campaign for the 2023 MINI Cooper SE Electric kicked off on Earth Day in April starring a cute polar bear character in the passenger’s seat and also featured a partnership between MINI USA and Polar Bears International to encourage eco-adoptions from the MINI community — and the polar bear love grew from there.

In response to the campaign, MINI USA received an outpouring from the MINI community asking where they could get hold of a polar bear bobble head featured in the campaign.

The overwhelming engagement of the MINI community with the polar bear character led to the idea to let the community give it a name. Nanuq — Inuit for ”polar bear” — was chosen, but MINI fans did not stop there.

Their direct suggestions and engagement inspired an incredible development — offering a new MINI Cooper SE paint color, “Nanuq White,” which was revealed to the community by MINI USA following International Polar Bear Week.

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