Skype Brings Together Far-Away Families to Create Unique Portraits

Skype introduces "Stay Together," a new campaign via Pereira O'Dell (who have proven themselves masters at the short-film campaign genre with work for Intel/Toshiba and Lego).

"Stay Together" is another campaign from a tech company that forgets about the nuts and bolts, instead focusing on the technology's ability to impact human lives; in this case, to keep family and friends in touch despite long distances. 

Working with artist/photographer John Clang, the agency created three unique "family portraits," which lets everyone in the family -- human or otherwise, near or far -- pose together in a Skype projection. The spots were shot and directed by Station collective Peking, the directing duo of Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick.

The first in the series is "The Impossible Family Portrait," featuring Denis, separated from his family in Uganda and trying to keep in touch with his family and adopted son, over Skype. There's also "Animal Family Portrait," about a zookeeper who had to leave Australia but still keeps in touch with her animal friends, and "The Growing Up Family Portrait," about 10-year-old Julie and her cousin in Brazil. There's also a contest where Skype asks users to share stories of how they use the service to "Stay Together".

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