PJ Pereira to keynote at 2016 Cannes Lions - Entertainment Lions

PJ Pereira will present "If Advertising Was Invented Today" at this year's Cannes Lions

DATE: Friday 24 June
TIME: 14:00-14:45
Terrace Stage


Hosted by PJ Pereira Chief Creative Officer, Pereira & O'Dell


Every time a consumer decides between watching our work or doing something else, our generation of marketers is faced with a new kind of challenge, an entirely new question. How can we create stories people want to invest their time, against all that great stuff out there? What makes great talent excited about collaborating with a brand? How can we stretch our creative chops into movies, series, books, when we are used to stories that never last more than a few seconds? What's the impact of these changes on the production and media budgets? Can a brand make profit selling their own ads? How can agencies make money after that takes place? Can we make this work for clients? Ultimately, though, all these eventually converge to a single one: If advertising was being invented today, how would we do this? Join the creator of Intel's The Beauty Inside, Emmy winner, last Branded Content Lions Grand Prix, and best-selling author, PJ Pereira on a journey through the overlapping worlds of marketing, entertainment and technology.

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For more information, contact Molly Parsley, Director of Communications at molly.parsley@pereiraodell.com

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