Pereira O'Dell: 2010 OMMA Awards

  • September 10, 2010
  • Recognition
  • OMMA

Pereira O'Dell has 4 finalists in the 2010 OMMA Awards Show.

Website Excellence: Education/Reference University of Phoenix, is the official web site of the University of Phoenix, but thanks to the university's aggressive online strategy, it has turned into a portal of information for prospective students from all across the country interested in hundreds of subjects. Pereira & O'Dell relaunched the site this summer with improved architecture and new tools, such as the University's "How it Works" videos, which explain, among other things, how enrollment works, online or off-line campus life, faculty expertise, courses, financial planning and the path to graduation.

Integrated Online Campaign: Consumer Packaged Goods "LEGO CL!CK"

Sales of LEGOs up 32 percent? Stop the presses! That's an amazing statistic but, given the creativity here, it's not too surprising. Targeting adults, the brand tapped into every grown person's memory of the creativity of youth with a video about an inventor inspired by children's true stories. Who couldn't love this? The concept of the "Click" moment (an audible touch for LEGOs) is intriguing. A community blog where people can share their Click moment stories is truly inspirational.

Website Excellence: Social Networking

The hub of the LEGO CLICK program,, is a virtual canvas of ideas, inspired moments, quirky stories, solutions and tips from ordinary users - i.e., LEGO builders - designed to celebrate and inspire LEGO creativity, or "Click" moments as Lego calls them. It invites fans to join a conversation about what makes things "click," by posting to a blog where they can share stories, ideas, and photo and video inspiration. The site features a colorful, playful, yet intuitive interface melding text, images, video, and interactive features.

Integrated Online Campaign: Non-Alcoholic Beverage "Muscle Milk's Shaquille O'Neal AR Experience"

Family-owned CytoSport used Shaquille O'Neal's start with the Cleveland Cavaliers to boost regional sales and national awareness for its Muscle Milk protein-enhanced beverage brand. In partnership with the sports star, a limited-edition bottle, available only in Ohio, bore a marker that purchasers could use to go online and experience augmented-reality animations featuring O'Neal talking about iconic Cleveland experiences, plus a sweeps entry code (prizes included an oil painting featuring the winner posed with O'Neal). Backed by in-store POP, out-of-home and radio in Ohio markets and an open-access online tie-in, the promotion nearly doubled sales in the Cleveland/Ohio region in four months.

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