LEGO CL!CK wins "Best Use of Social Media"

  • July 02, 2010
  • Recognition
  • SF BIG

The BIG Star Awards focuses on three segments; Highlights of the Year, Next BIG Thing, and Lifetime Achievement.   

Pereira O'Dell brought home the "Best Use of Social Media" award for LEGO CL!CK at the San Francisco Bay Area Interactive Group's first annual BIG Star Awards, held on June 24 at the City Club of San Francisco. 

The goal of LEGO CL!CK is to unite and excite former LEGO kids in a core community. This nostalgia often leads parents to rediscover the brand once their children reach the "brick-building" age. There was a strong but fragmented advocate base online, however the community lacked a central hub to rally behind.   

To harness these brand advocates, Pereira O'Dell launched a social media campaign to celebrate moments in life when ideas just CL!CK. Through a unique mix traditional and digital media along with PR, we developed an ongoing and effective campaign creating an authentic movement.   

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