Fans thank Intel + Toshiba for "The Inside Experience"

  • September 20, 2011
  • Press Release

"The Inside Experience", users were tasked with banding together to help save Emmy Rossum‘s character, Christina Perasso, escape her captor using social media.

Given that the online film was honed by Disturbia director D.J Caruso, it was surprising to see that Inside‘s shadowy tone would produce such a emotional outpouring of gratitude from fans who independently took to YouTube to express their thanks.   

Inside fans from Atlanta, Houston, Iowa City, Los Angeles, Corbin (KY), El Salvador, Lawrence (KS), Philadelphia, among other cities -- total strangers -- loved the group interaction they had during the social film, piecing together clues, getting to know one another, saying how the experience allowed them to form a relationship with the characters and each other and discuss the mystery as it unfolded.   

At the end of the 3 week experience over 1,000 people auditioned, 235,000 people participated on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, over 10 million watched, and more than 30 million read about it.    

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