A-list Standout Agency of the Year: Pereira O’Dell

Advertising Age evaluated agencies based on creativity, innovation, financial performance, their ability to positively impact a client's business and the challenges they have met for the year 2015.    

"For anyone debating whether its creativity or business strategy that puts an ad agency over the top, the answer has become clear: It's both," said Ad Age Editor Ken Wheaton. "Smart marketers are looking for more than a beautiful 30-second spot and the best agencies are happy to oblige, partnering with businesses from the start, assessing their needs and figuring out the best approach to hit targets, drive sales and sometimes invent new categories. And fans of traditional advertising shouldn't fret. The best agencies can do all that and still making beautiful, relevant TV ads."    

Seven years in, Pereira & O'Dell is still posting strong revenue gains. In 2015, the San Francisco-based shop notched a 36% revenue increase and doubled the size of its New York office in terms of head count, real estate and revenue. Though it lost Skype midyear, the agency bounced back with wins like TimberlandGodivaQdoba and several others. One of its more well-known pieces of work in 2015 was for Realtor.com, "The Home Buying Process in Plain English With Elizabeth Banks," which helped demystify issues like mortgage lending for novice home buyers.   

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The Advertising Age Agency A-List has been celebrating the best agencies in the advertising and marketing business since the mid-1970s. Ad Age editors make their selections based on elements including creativity, financial performance, innovation and the ability to build clients' businesses. The franchise expanded in recent years to honor a broader range of shops and reflect changes in the marketing and media business.

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