2016 Creativity Innovators: The Standouts - Pereira O'Dell

More Shops Who Propelled the Industry With Their Standout Ideas

CREATIVITY - January 25, 2016 – Creativity named a group of agencies as The Innovators, those agencies that delivered 2015's freshest and most inventive ideas – ideas that, no doubt, will pave the way for advertising and marketing going forward. 

Pereira & O'Dell continued to innovate in longform storytelling with another "social film" for Intel/Dell, "What Lives Inside." This time, viewers were asked to contribute character ideas for a multi-media movie to be directed by "Maleficent" helmer Robert Stromberg.

The agency delivered one of the year's most emotionally powerful campaigns for Coca-Cola, "True Friendship," which chronicled the power of friendship in the most trying of moments, including one film that explored gay/straight friendships. The agency showed its funny side as well, with it fun campaign for Realtor.com starring Elizabeth Banks as an overly enthusiastic house shopper.

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