1-800 CONTACTS: "Never Run Out of Contacts"

  • August 04, 2014
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Pereira O'Dell has launched a TV, radio, outdoor, digital and social campaign for 1-800-CONTACTS introducing the new tagline "Never run out of contacts".

The campaign captures the panic and decision-making process, and regret, when it comes to running out of contacts. Did you drop one in the toilet? Or do you have to break out your dreaded back-up glasses? They are situations only people with contact lenses understand. 

1-800-CONTACTS wants to help you avoid these situations with the fastest and easiest way to order contacts.With more than 38 million people wearing contact lenses (that's 76 million eyeballs!), 1-800-CONTACTS has a significant opportunity to attract new customers to their brand.These :15 spots "Date Night" and "The Fall" launched this week. The campaign will run through 2014.

Never run out of contacts.

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