• 2014
  • Starring Harvey Keitel
  • Social Film

Earth's greatest threat is hiding right underneath your nose! Taking a new direction, this film is a sci-fi comedy that tells the story of the invasion of an alien species called Uricks that are disguised as mustaches (or unibrows).

  • 2014
  • Starring Harvey Keitel
  • Social Film

The Power Inside is the third social film presented by Intel + Toshiba, directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon (“Blades of Glory” and “The Switch”), starring Harvey Keitel (“Reservoir Dogs”), Craig Roberts (“Submarine”), Analeigh Tipton (“Crazy, Stupid, Love”), Reid Ewing (“Modern Family”) Zack Pearlman (“The Inbetweeners”), and the audience.

Case Study

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Social Submissions

The audience is given a choice to join the fight and take a side – Guardians or Uricks – to determine who will save the earth, or destroy it.

Special Effects

The agency and its partners collaborated very early in the process with the directors. We were tasked with the conception and creation of all creatures and visual effects for the production. In addition to creating everything from the ground up (i.e. from traditional concept art to finished, composited vfx frames), we also helped to collaborate on specific design and story challenges as they arose throughout the series to optimize the impact of our visual effects and best support the narrative.


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