“Text and Whatever” Ad Council PSA warns against texting and driving without shaming users.

Light-hearted campaign humorously depicts the daily life of one man who just can’t put his phone down.


According to the most recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, at any given time during daylight hours, an estimated 481,000 drivers are using handheld devices such as smartphones. The Ad Council and NHTSA, in partnership with creative agency Pereira O’Dell, bring this bad habit to life in a new PSA about texting and driving.

The latest iteration of the "Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks." campaign was created pro bono by Pereira O'Dell and warns against distracted driving by acknowledging society’s love of phones without shaming it. Instead, the campaign encourages positive and cautious behavior behind the wheel that we can all achieve, reminding drivers to "Text and whatever. Just don't text and drive.”

The campaign humorously depicts the daily life of one man who just can’t put his phone down. He stumbles through life with his eyes glued to his screen—making blunders along the way—until he gets behind the wheel and responsibly puts his phone aside. This winking, creative approach acknowledges the powerful need that many people feel to always keep an eye on their phones and concludes with a reminder to “Text and whatever. Just don’t text and drive.”

The new creative work includes TV, radio, and social media assets. To date, the “Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks.” campaign has received approximately $225 million in donated media value.

“We wanted to demonstrate levity, alongside a very serious situation, that whether or not you love to be on your phone, the road is no place for that.”
Jason Apaliski, Executive Creative Director of Pereira O'Dell

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