• Never Run out of Contacts
  • December 2014

When the 1-800 CONTACTS team began working on the “Never Run Out of Contacts” campaign, they just happened to produce a spot with a man who gets swallowed by a snake.

  • Never Run out of Contacts
  • December 2014

Coincidentally, the Discovery Channel was producing a show that would run Sunday, December 7th in which a man was supposedly going to be swallowed by a snake. There was a huge controversial media storm around Paul Rosolie and "Eaten Alive." The anticipation and debate of seeing this man get consumed by an anaconda began in November.

Originally, "Snake" was slated to run in January. But because of the awesome coincidence, it aired during the show on December 7. We tweaked the voice-over to make it specific to "Eaten Alive." Specifically, the end card is the guy in the snake murmuring, “I hope this makes me famous.”

Case Study

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Viewers who were disappointed that Paul Rosolie was not consumed by the snake tweeted:

> This 1-800 CONTACTS commercial was the best part of the 2 hours of #EatenAlive

> I think we all can agree last night's #EatenAlive is the best contact commercial in TV History. @1800CONTACTS http://bit.ly/1yvNB53

> 1-800-CONTACTS Does The Improbable And Runs An Appropriate Ad Tie-In With Discovery's "Eaten Alive" Show http://ift.tt/1zjUNF3 #advertising

> the contacts commercial with the fake anaconda was more intense than #EatenAlive #wasted1hourand59minutesofmylife @Discovery @1800CONTACTS

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