• 2015-2016
  • Directed by David Gelb
  • More Science. Less Fear.

In 2014, Memorial Sloan Kettering and Pereira O'Dell partnered to launch a campaign that would change the way the world thought about cancer. "More Science. Less Fear." is a brand platform that cements MSK as the leader in cancer care and research in a breakthrough way that the general population cannot ignore.

  • 2015-2016
  • Directed by David Gelb
  • More Science. Less Fear.

This series of films showcases the compelling stories of five patients -- and the important things in their lives that were saved because they were treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Because science saves more than your life.

The work demonstrates how MSK's singular focus on cancer research, treatment, and care guides patients at each point in their journey.


Science Saves | Danny close_icon

Science Saves | Danny

Science Saves | Valerie close_icon

Science Saves | Valerie

Science Saves | Suzanne close_icon

Science Saves | Suzanne

Science Saves | Carl close_icon

Science Saves | Carl

Science Saves | Sue close_icon

Science Saves | Sue

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