• 2013
  • From Turkey to Turkey Day

Mike Corey, from Kick the Grind TV, was dropped off in Turkey on November 12th and had to rely on the audience to get him home by Thanksgiving.

  • 2013
  • From Turkey to Turkey Day

Powered by only a Surface Pro 2, Windows 8.1, and Skype, Mike and the audience had to solve clues together to get him across Europe.

Teaser Video

Recap 1 - Istanbul

Day 1 in Istanbul was a success. We saw Mike boat down the Bosphorus River, climb the Galata Tower and find a place to sleep.

Recap 2 - Istanbul

Day 2 in Istanbul was full of adventure; from Turkish oil wrestling to going head-to-head with a backgammon pro at the Grand Bazaar.

Recap 3 - Greece

Mike's challenge continued in Greece, where he went scuba diving to find his latest clue. Check out this recap video to see how Mike finally retrieved his long-lost luggage.

Recap 4 - Milan

Milan saw Mike take on his wildest adventure yet. See Mike in action at Europe's highest bungee jump spot, Colossus Bridge, where fellow Moment Maker and fashion blogger, Virginia Varinelli from The Ugly Truth of V, met up with Mike.

Recap 5 - Montpellier

With Milan's epic bungee jump behind him, Mike headed to Montpellier to take on The Furries in a breakdancing dance-off. After showing France his moves, Mike met up with fellow Moment Maker and guitar player, Samir Maamari of the Timebend Project, for a Skype jam session.

Recap 6 - Barcelona

With his dance-off in Montpellier behind him, Mike met up with fellow Moment Maker and guitar player, Samir Maamari of the Timebend Project. Together, they traveled to Béziers to reunite one of Mike's Skype contacts with his grandparents via a Skype jam session. Then, it was off to Barcelona for the final leg of his adventure. Check out this recap to see how Mike's journey ends.

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