It's that dreaded moment when you discover you don't have any more contacts. It's the time when you must assess your options, your next move. What would YOU do?

In this series of spots, created over several years, 1-800 CONTACTS reminds consumers that they are dedicated to providing you with a simple, hassle-free way to replace your contact lenses.


Date Night close_icon

Date Night

A woman confronts the dangers of running out of contacts face-to-face when she’s forced to wear her ugly back-up glasses on a date.

Toothpaste close_icon


A man gets a taste of the horrifying consequences of running out of contacts when he mistakes his hemorrhoid cream for toothpaste.

The Fall close_icon

The Fall

A woman experiences the lows of running out of contacts when her last contact drops in the toilet and she’s forced to fish it out.

Nun :30 close_icon


A nun explains the true meaning of suffering to a hospital-bound patient, running out of contacts and being forced to wear ugly back-up glasses.

Wardrobe :15 close_icon


A nun experiences the frustration of running out of contacts when she realizes her ugly back-up glasses don’t match anything in her closet.

The Plank :30 close_icon

The Plank

A pirate explains to a plank walker that the true reason he wears an eyepatch is that he’s ripped his last left contact with his pesky hook. Now he looks like a total cliche, which is a fate worse than death.

Pirate Sea Squid :15 close_icon

Pirate Sea Squid

A pirate runs out of contacts when he attempts to put in his contacts with his hook hand. Too bad he doesn’t know about 1-800 Contacts free torn lens replacement.

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