• Ran in Jan 2015

“Flo Finda”, sponsored by GroupMe, pitted colleges against each other in a scavenger hunt to win a private Flo Rida concert.

  • Ran in Jan 2015

“Flo Finda” challenge is the first concentrated marketing effort for the company since inception.

Playing off the competitive spirit of college basketball season, GroupMe created a national scavenger hunt that pit 10 schools against each other. The campaign was supported across media partners including NCAA, ESPN, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed and MTVU, among others.

Flo Rida announces GroupMe Flo Finda

To participate in the contest, students must download the app, start a group with their friends, and add their university contact to their group. University contact phone numbers and additional contest information can be found at FloFinda.com. The universities eligible to compete include: The University of Arizona, UCLA, Duke, University of Kentucky, UNC, University of Connecticut, Ohio State, University of Florida, University of Maryland, and Michigan State.

A total of 5 clues alluding to locations on or near campus will be distributed throughout the week. Participants can join at any point before April 3rd. By solving each clue, students will accrue points for their school. The university with the greatest number of points at the end of the week will receive a private Flo Rida concert in the university’s hometown. In addition to the concert grand prize, daily prizes such as an Xbox One, wearable tech, and gift cards are awarded to clue finders on each campus.

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