• Summer 2020

Daydreaming in the Life Artois.
Tales of a summer worth savoring.

  • Summer 2020

At a time when we could all use a mental escape, we created Daydreaming in the Life Artois. A weekly audio series that transports the listener to a summer life we once savored together, and look forward to enjoying again. A new kind of happy hour ritual for Stella Artois.

The series features six audio stories written by six celebrated authors, narrated by Andy Cohen. Each episode goes live at 5pm on Friday afternoon, and is followed immediately by an Instagram Live Q&A with that week's author. An invitation to ease out of your work week, and into the weekend.

Episode 1: DISCO BALL

Episode #2: DOMINOS

Episode #3: THE REEL US

Episode #4: FLOORED


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