• Partner since 2017

To inspire the next generation of creative people, we launched a campaign starring one of the most beloved and influential creators of our time: Billie Eilish.

  • Partner since 2017

This campaign was centered around Billie’s creative process behind the “Happier Than Ever” music video. The :60 spot explored her take on creating and being a director by delving into her imagination to visualize how she came up with the idea for the video. We also released a long form behind the scenes film that showed Billie’s creative process in action.

To continue the momentum, we created the world's first Traveling Billboard Gallery—an activation that celebrated and elevated her fan’s creativity by featuring their fan art in out of home marketing in each of the cities on her national tour. By diving deep into how Billie brings her unique creative ideas to life and inviting her fans to take part in our campaign, we encouraged and inspired young people everywhere to create what's true to them.

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