In celebration of ADC’S 102nd anniversary, we created the 101+1 Expo -- an interactive global exhibit that invited 101 creatives to collaborate with AI in order to explore the potential of human + AI design.

As an homage to the prestigious ADC Cube Award, each resulting artwork was housed within a digital cube visitors could navigate. The entire experience from the art, to the expansive environments, to the music, was generated with the help of AI engines.

The project was created in partnership with Lili Studios & The One Club For Creativity.

How it Works

Participants were asked to feed prompts to an AI image generator such as Midjourney, DALL-E 2, or Stable Diffusion, then take the resulting image and evolve it however they choose: by a little, or a lot, by hand or using digital tools.

The final artwork is showcased on ADC101_1 Expo as an immersive digital experience viewable on computers, mobile and VR headsets, complete with background information about each creative’s vision, process, and personal perspective around using the AI tools.

"The design of this project was inspired by the unexpected results of AI collaboration,” said Eduardo Gomes, head of art, Pereira O'Dell. “Our goal was to create 101 distinct pieces of art that could serve as a platform for discussing AI’s emerging role in creativity. Every aspect of this project showcases the beauty of this collaboration from the logo, the naming, the sound design, and even the data-driven architecture of each cube. The combination of human talent and technology creates a dynamic union that expands the potential of creativity.”

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