Timberland Legends Club Featuring Nas

NEW YORK, NY, September 26, 2017 - The legend of the iconic yellow boot continues with the Timberland Legends Club, and 4 inspiring stories from Nas in Queensbridge, NY. The Legends Collection campaign was created and art directed by creative agency, Pereira & O'Dell with animation executed by Gentlemen Scholar.  

The campaign which runs nationally through December 2017 consists of four :60 animated videos to accompany each new story and exclusive shoe drop. It will also include custom painted OOH, custom comic books, in-store signage at Foot Locker and Timberland. Special edition boot boxes, and more.

The first of four shorts, “Trumpet”,
 takes viewers to the beginning of Nas' journey at age 6, on a Queens street corner wearing classic Timberland® 6-Inch boots, and tapping his feet as he plays the trumpet before a growing crowd.

Nas narrates, "Before there was rap, there was jazz. My father played the trumpet, so for me, that's where my journey started." The story unfolds to mark the moment when Nas discovers that the sounds he can make with his body and his mind are universal.  The video ends with a close-up of Timberland's classic 6-inch Premium yellow boot which morphs into the Volume VII FlyRoam™ Sneakerboot.

“Dictionary” (2 of 4) presents animated Nas recounting his drive to change the whole vocabulary of hip-hop. Flashing back to his teenage years scouring the dictionary cover-to-cover, the moving tapestry of words, colors and beats set in and around NYC’s subway renders the artist’s spoken recollections as vibrant visual poetry.

"Nas perfectly captures the notion that success is born out of hard work and hustle – something that's at the heart of every Timberland boot," said Jim Davey, vice president of global brand marketing for Timberland. "We are thrilled to be a small part of his journey, and to recognize him for the legend he has become."

"Before you become what you will, you start as who you are," Nas said. "Timberland boots have been part of my journey from the beginning, and the Legends Collection partnership with Foot Locker connects our paths and illustrates how, like any story worth telling, it has to evolve to make us who we are today."     

Short films in the series include:  
- "Trumpet" reflecting on Nas’ background in jazz.
- "Dictionary" - about Nas' love and desire for learning and how he would read the dictionary to expand his lyrical vocabulary.
- "Fire" - about Nas' very first rap battle, which he lost to an older girl in his neighborhood.
- "16 Bars" - Nas' first time in the studio, where he rapped on another artist's track that lead to his wider exposure and which was essential his big break.  

Drop dates of the exclusive boots are:  
- Volume VII FlyRoam Sport Hiker, dropping 9/30
- Volume VIII 6” Premium Strap Boot, dropping 10/21
- Volume IX 6” Field Boot with Velvet Collar, dropping 11/24
- Volume X 6” Premium Boot, dropping 12/15

For more information on the Fall 2017 Legends Collection, visit https://www.footlocker.com/legendsclub

Executive Creative Director: Dave Arnold; Creative Director: Jake Dubs; Juan Leguizamon, Art Director; Maya Renz: Jayson Mittman;Copywriter, Head of Content Production; Tennille Teague, Senior Digital Producer; Jon Serna, Associate Producer; Rhea Phipps, Business Affairs Director: Russ Nadler; Managing Director: Cory Berger; Group Account Director: Steve Scutellaro; Management Supervisor: Rosie Boskett  

Creative Directors: Chace Hartman, William Campbell, Will Johnson; Executive Producer: Christina Roldan; Art Directors: Cristina Barna, Macauley Johnson; Senior Producers:  Sue Yee Hubbard, Kirsten Noll; Storyboard Artist: Christopher Wolfgang Mauch; Designers: Cam Floyd, Christina Liang, Jina Kwon, Cristina Barna, Hana Eunjin Yean, Macauley Johnson; Cel Animators:  Harry Teitelman, Laura Yilmaz, Taik Lee, Ana Chang, Matt Everton, Stephanie Simpson, Chris Mauch, Sam Kim, Aly Tain; 2D Animators: Ana Chang, Aaron Kemnitzer,  Alison Alvarez Avila, Pablo Robleto, Lauren Tom, Henry Pak; 3D Animators: Aaron Kemnizter,  Arsen Arzumanyan; Compositors:  Aaron Kemnitzer, Henry Pak, Lauren Tom Previz; Artist: Arsen Arzumanyan