Skype original: Simon the Saxophone-Playing Squid

Simon the Saxophone-Playing Squid is a collaboration between Skype, Pereira & O'Dell, illustrator Darren Farrell and the Little Waves Band. With work hours and business trips increasing across the country, parents are finding it more difficult to make it home in time for story time with their children.

Simon the Saxophone-Playing Squid
is a free digital children’s book offered by Skype that parents can read to their children over Skype via screen sharing for the ultimate bedtime story. This is just one example of the many ways parents can use Skype in their everyday lives to spend quality time with their children. To activate the screen sharing feature, during a video call, click the "+" button and select "share screen". Once this is complete you're ready to take the underwater journey together.

In the Skype original story, Simon is a curious sea creature who discovers an unfamiliar object at the bottom of the sea. With the help of his friends, he figures out just what this strange thing is and discovers a new passion.  

Go to to read the book and download the song for free. Also watch the video showing how the artists collaborated over Skype to produce The Squid Song, an original song with lyrics found in the back of the book.
  Parents can read Simon the Saxophone-Playing Squid to their children with Skype's screen sharing feature, ensuring they never have to miss story time again, even during business trips or late nights at the office.  

Simon the Saxophone-Playing Squid is part of the larger Skype campaign launched by Pereira & O'Dell in 2014, "The Things We Can Do", which shows how real people use Skype to enhance their everyday life.

Enjoy storytime, anytime. Go to

 PJ Pereira, Chief Creative Officer
Jonathan Woytek, Executive Creative Director
Michael Gurman, Associate Creative Director
Simon Friedlander, Copywriter & Saxophone player
Carolina Penner, Production Designer
Joseph Sabota, Production Designer
Lindsey Anderson, Sr. Project Manager
Loni Geerlings, Proofreader
Ivy Truong - Co-Director of Client Services
Mona Gonzales, Account Director
William de Ryk, Account Supervisor
Jessica Zou, Senior Account Executive
Ryan Gordon, Associate Account Executive
Jason Marr, Senior Integrated Producer
Judy Kreiter, Integrated Producer
Collin Kriner, Editor
Joshua Brandau, Director of Communication Strategy
James Sablan, Sr. Print Producer/Art Buyer
Russ Nadler, Director of Business Affairs
Jasmine Summerset, Strategy Director - Media and Distribution
Molly Cabe, Director of Strategy
Ashley Wells, Associate Director of Communications Strategy
Lucas Goodbody, Senior Brand Strategist
Katie McKinley, Media Strategist
Darren Farrell, Book Illustrator
Musicians: Dani Fine + Jordan Wainer, Little Waves Band