Intel / Toshiba

The Power Inside

Earth's greatest threat is hiding right underneath your nose! “The Power Inside” ( is the third social film presented by Intel + Toshiba. Taking a new direction, "The Power Inside" is a sci-fi comedy that tells the story of the invasion of an alien species called Uricks that are disguised as moustaches (or unibrows). They look like facial hair and attach to your upper lip or forehead to control your mind. The main character is Neil, who together with his friends and with the help of technology, discovers his inner strength to defeat the invaders.

The film is directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon  (“Blades of Glory” and “The Switch”), starring Harvey Keitel (“Reservoir Dogs”), Craig Roberts (“Submarine”), Analeigh Tipton (“Crazy, Stupid, Love”), Reid Ewing (“Modern Family”) Zack Pearlman (“The Inbetweeners”), and the audience.

The audience is given a choice to join the fight and take a side – Guardians or Uricks – to determine who will save the earth, or destroy it. You can follow the experience on Facebook at Episode 1 of 6 launched August 15. Episodes air every Thursday at 2pm EST at


  • Clio - GOLD - Film (Long Form) 2013
  • Clio - Bronze - Branded Content 2013
  • Cannes Lions - Cyber - Bronze – Webisodes 2013
  • Creativity Pick - Sept 2013 2013
  • FWA Site of the Day (Sept. 9, 2013) 2013
  • Cannes Lions - Film Craft - Bronze – Direction 2013
  • Cannes Lions - Film Craft - Bronze – Casting 2013
  • Cannes Lions - Branded Content - Bronze - Fiction: Online 2013
  • ADDY - Silver - Branded Content 2013
  • ADDY - Silver - Webisodes 2013