1-800-CONTACTS Campaign Makes Mobile App the Focus

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 20, 1016 -- Pereira & O'Dell has launched a new campaign this week for 1-800-CONTACTS that focuses on the retailer's mobile app. The work is an extension of the “Never run out of contacts” platform which first launched in Dec 2014.   

Four :15 spots (DuelMosesAstronaut, Simple Life) emphasize the shortcuts available within the 1-800-CONTACTS mobile app. For instance, you can now place your order with no more than 3-taps of the app or by just snapping a picture of your prescription.  

A qualitative study by Market Pulse showed that the re-ordering process was the #1 frustration among contact lens wearers and 1-800-CONTACTS aims to bring levity to consumers while focusing on the simplified features of the mobile application.   

Since the launch of the “Never Run Out of Contacts” campaign new orders have increased nearly 5% with new sales revenue up 11%. The app was downloaded over 600K in 2015 with new site visitors up by 12%.

The TV spots will run across major cable networks through April 2016 and supported by radio and social media efforts.  

- Duel (:15) - https://youtu.be/TBTZ1kTtSdc - Two 19th century British men take their paces in preparation for a pistol duel. One man stops, looks at the camera and declares that he doesn't take more than three steps for anything. He uses the 1-800 Contacts app for this reason - three steps and he's done.   
- Moses (:15) - https://youtu.be/dIDN2o5XA4A - Moses is standing in front of a large body of water, his arms raised to the sky with a staff in one hand. As he parts the water, he talks about his love for a good shortcut. He pulls his mobile phone out and talks about the speed of the app, while mentioning how much of a godsend it is. A roar of thunder and a flash of lightning arcs above him.

- Astronaut (:15) - https://youtu.be/1qfMWU6xSeo - An astronaut inside of a space station floats up to two doors. One leads to the restroom and the other leads to the vast vacuum of space. He stops for a moment, squints at his two options, then goes for the space door. As soon as he opens the doors he is sucked out into space. 
- Simple life (:15) –  Two experts in simplicity note how re-ordering contacts is simple as their lifestyle. 

Client: 1-800-CONTACTS  

Lead Agency: Pereira & O’Dell

Group Creative Director: Jason Apaliski
Group Creative Director: Robert Lambrechts
Associate Creative Director: Katie Brinkworth
Associate Creative Director - Brett Beaty
Copywriter - Simon Friedlander
Senior Broadcast Producer: Bill Spangler
Account Director: Ashley Brown  

Production Co: Tool
Director: Benji Weinstein
Managing Director-Live Action/EP:  Oliver Fuselier
Exectutive Producer: Lori Stonebraker
Producer: Jason Manz  

Editing Co: Cut + Run
Editor: Frank Effron
Assistant Editor: Brian Meagher
Executive Producer: Deanne Mehling

VFX: Ntropic

Creative Director / Founder: Nathan Robinson
Creative Director / VFX Lead Flame Artist: Aaron Vasquez
Senior Producer: Emily Avoujageli
VFX Set Supervisor: Andrew Sinagra
Flame Artist: Maya Bello, Matt Tremaglio
Matte Painter: Marco Iozzi
Flame Assistant: Gillen Burch
Assistant: Yvonne Pon  

Sound Design & Mix: 740 Sound

Executive Producer of Sound Design: Scott Ganary
Executive Producer of Mix: Dawn Redmann
Sound Design Producer: Jeff Martin
Mixer: Larry Winer
Sound Designer: Chris Pinkston, Caron Weidner  

Music Co: Massive Music


  • North American Effie Awards (Finalist): Healthcare/Rx 2016