Coca-Cola / Ciel

Ciel: Conecta Mente y Cuerpo

Water is essential for survival, in some cases more than others. Keep your mind sharp by staying hydrated. 

Ciel is a major brand of bottled water from The Coca-Cola Company which is bottled and sold in Mexico.  

The campaign “Connecta Mente y Cuerpo” (connect your mind and body) is a humorous dramatization that our brains depend on proper hydration to function optimally.

Also, the word for “shark” in Spanish is tiburón. Duh.
Pereira & O'Dell
Client: Ciel / Coca-Cola Mexico 
Production Co: The Lift
Production/VFX/Finishing: Ntropic
Music Agency: Massive Music

  • Connecta Mente y Cuerpo

    Connecta Mente y Cuerpo